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Hallo meine liebe Sand, wie geht es dir? Finde es klasse, dass wir hier unseren Blog haben

My little sister here makes me listen to a million of Disney Stars at the moment and she wants me to write this

Nobody here knows Keane so I guess I have to be a kind of embassador to bring it to them!

I"m so addicted to the LA Mini Doc that I have to watch it again and again! I loooove the waz Tom is talking!

Are you going to that Festival by the way? I can't wait till thez saz where they are going after Canada in September....

 So Sand meine Liebe, schreib mir mal wie ich dich erreichen kann, wuerde gerne mit dir quatschen!

Ich hab dich lieb :-**

17.8.09 21:25

WOW, we´re blogging! :D

Wow, our first blog...

Now I have Facebook, Studivz, Hyves, Twitter, the Aussie blog and now a new blog.. Internet generation I guess

What kind of Disney stars?! Don´t get stuck in the world of Hannah Montana or any of this **** (and please don´t make Keane popular among them )

I was actually wondering in which language we should write... Since I miss writing in English I would mind doing that...Wouldn´t mind writing something in Dutch either... not that anybody would bother

So.. what´s the actual intention of this blog? Posting some philosophical nonsense? Presenting some lyrics we think are worth talking about? What would the Dutchman say... alles kan, niks moet!  

I still don´t have a clue whether I should go to the festival or not... obviously I would love to go, but going on my own is a bit pathetic.. we´ll see.. hope I can convince my friend. Let´s hope she´ll pass the exams!!

Anyway... I hope you have a great night... 

P.s: Do you have Skype there? 

P.p.s: It kind of sucks that I don´t receive an email once you´ve written something in the blog.. now I have to incorporate that into my daily stalker program

love, xxx


18.8.09 02:21

:) I already loooove that blog!

Sand, I think this is such a great thing and you surely have no problem with expanding your stalking program a bit!

 I would love to write in English, cause this is now much easier for me since I start to already think in english^^ (and this fucking Tastatur doesn't have any Umlaute^^)

 As you now I had some time on the plane listening to music and stuff and I discovered that the old Keane songs are very different from the new one in many ways.

1. Tom's voice is stronger now and more powerful, seems like he is more confident with his skills?!

2. The drums are more important right now, don't you think that Richard is kind of more confident with his skills as well and brings in his ideas now?!

3. The songtexts are no longer klining to love and romantic things and they are sort of happier and more positive (Pretend that you're alone vs. Somewhere only we know?!!)

Nevertheless I love My Shadow - I think it definetly one of their best "sad songs", but when I listen to Somewhere only we know live I always get a gaensehaut^^you know

Sand, I do have skype but have not yet asked how to and when to use it. But Dan has it on his computer. I'm going to get facebook aswell because Bayard says I won't get friends on High School without it^^

I love my new family, they are soo cool and open minded. I love thei lifestyle, but it won't be possible for me to live that way in germany just because I'm not that well-off, you know what I mean^^

I'm going to think about a songtext that I can write some philosophical things about here

 I love you :-***

18.8.09 04:56


Hallo meine Liebe Sand, direkt hiernach schreibe ich auf den anderen Blog, hatte ja heute meinen ersten Schultag...

Hatte gestern meinen iPod auf zufaellige Wiedergabe und auf einaml kam "Dirtylicious" von Keane. Ich bin fast aus dem Bett gefallen! :D Musst du dir unbedingt bei youtube reinziehen!

Ich glaube uebrigens, dass ich den Songtext von Per Symm hier mal reinkopieren, da wuerde ich mich gerne mit dir drueber unterhalten weil wir letztens schonmal darueber geredet hatten^^


I shake through the wreckage for signs of life
Scrolling through the paragraphs
Clicking through the photographs

I wish I could make sense of what we do
Burning down the capitols
Wisest of the animals

Who are you, what are you living for
Tooth for tooth, maybe we'll go one more

This life, is lived in perfect symmetry
What I do, that will be done to me

Write page after page of analysis
Looking for the final score
We're no closer than we were before

Who are you, what are you fighting for
Holy truth, brother I chose this mortal life
lived in perfect symmetry

What I do, that will be done to me
As the needle, slips into the run out groove
Love, maybe you feel it too

And maybe you find, life is unkind
and over so soon
There is no golden gate
There's no heaven waiting for you

Oh boy you otta leave this town
get out while you can
the needle's running out
The voices in the streets you love
everything is better when you hear that shout

spineless dreamers, hide in churches
pieces of pieces of rush hour buses
I dream in emails, worn out phrases
mile after mile of just empty pages

wrap yourself around me
wrap yourself around me

as the needle, slips into the run out groove
maybe i'll feel it too
maybe you'll feel it too
maybe you'll feel it too
maybe you'll feel it too

I dream in emails, worn out phrases
mile after mile of just empty pages

What do you think about that?


Kuss!!! Read the other blog for more

20.8.09 05:49


20.8.09 05:59

Sandii, wie gehts dir?

Hallo meine Liebe, ich hab lange nichts mehr von dir gehoert, wie gehts dir? Ich hoffe ich finde morgen zeit um dich anzurufen, aber ich denke ich werde es die woche wohl schaffen. Wuerde gerne mit dir reden. Aber du hast wahrscheinlich viel zu tun, habe bei studi gelesen wie die intro war I want to know more about that!!

Ich habe uebriegens heute was bei youtube entdeckt, das musst du dir angucken! So tolle Acoustic Versionen! Hier mal die Links

Sand, ich vermisse dich!

23.8.09 08:56

Watch This

23.8.09 09:13


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