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WOW, we´re blogging! :D

Wow, our first blog...

Now I have Facebook, Studivz, Hyves, Twitter, the Aussie blog and now a new blog.. Internet generation I guess

What kind of Disney stars?! Don´t get stuck in the world of Hannah Montana or any of this **** (and please don´t make Keane popular among them )

I was actually wondering in which language we should write... Since I miss writing in English I would mind doing that...Wouldn´t mind writing something in Dutch either... not that anybody would bother

So.. what´s the actual intention of this blog? Posting some philosophical nonsense? Presenting some lyrics we think are worth talking about? What would the Dutchman say... alles kan, niks moet!  

I still don´t have a clue whether I should go to the festival or not... obviously I would love to go, but going on my own is a bit pathetic.. we´ll see.. hope I can convince my friend. Let´s hope she´ll pass the exams!!

Anyway... I hope you have a great night... 

P.s: Do you have Skype there? 

P.p.s: It kind of sucks that I don´t receive an email once you´ve written something in the blog.. now I have to incorporate that into my daily stalker program

love, xxx


18.8.09 02:21

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