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:) I already loooove that blog!

Sand, I think this is such a great thing and you surely have no problem with expanding your stalking program a bit!

 I would love to write in English, cause this is now much easier for me since I start to already think in english^^ (and this fucking Tastatur doesn't have any Umlaute^^)

 As you now I had some time on the plane listening to music and stuff and I discovered that the old Keane songs are very different from the new one in many ways.

1. Tom's voice is stronger now and more powerful, seems like he is more confident with his skills?!

2. The drums are more important right now, don't you think that Richard is kind of more confident with his skills as well and brings in his ideas now?!

3. The songtexts are no longer klining to love and romantic things and they are sort of happier and more positive (Pretend that you're alone vs. Somewhere only we know?!!)

Nevertheless I love My Shadow - I think it definetly one of their best "sad songs", but when I listen to Somewhere only we know live I always get a gaensehaut^^you know

Sand, I do have skype but have not yet asked how to and when to use it. But Dan has it on his computer. I'm going to get facebook aswell because Bayard says I won't get friends on High School without it^^

I love my new family, they are soo cool and open minded. I love thei lifestyle, but it won't be possible for me to live that way in germany just because I'm not that well-off, you know what I mean^^

I'm going to think about a songtext that I can write some philosophical things about here

 I love you :-***

18.8.09 04:56

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